21 thoughts on “Blogging Insights # 32 – Your Reading Habits

  1. I go to the reader when I realize I’ve fallen SO far behind in reading it’s the only thing left to do. I do not like the reader but I occasionally use it. Occasionally, not often.

    As far as reading goes, usually, something that interests me. Often news or the climate-related, but also recipes, book reviews if I think the book is something I might read, movie and TV reviews — again, if I think are shows I might want to see.

    Also, I read a lot of personal stuff about the lives of people who share my blogging space and who I think of as friends. Often those are the most interesting stories because I can relate to them.

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  2. I do 95% of my reading in the WP Reader. The only time I visit somebody’s actual site is when they are taking part in a prompt….for example on Sundays I click on the pingback or link of everyone who takes part which takes me to their site.

    I read almost everything in my reader unless it is obviously political. If I have hardly any time I pick out posts from bloggers who rarely post or those that catch my eye with an interesting title or a subject that appeals to me.

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  3. I have many favorite bloggers that I read almost religiously. They are an eclectic group and all post interesting and/or entertaining blogs. I do investigate new blogs from time to time, but I find it takes a fair bit of time to read all the blogs I already follow. I spend a lot of time on WordPress already. I fear if I follow too many more I won’t sleep at all. LOL

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