Blogging Insights # 17 — Sharing and Caring — Do bloggers share all their tips and should they?


Do bloggers share all their tips or trade-secrets and should they?


My Answer:

Bloggers are known for sharing and caring. There is a lot of community spirit in the blogosphere. When I was a fledgling blogger a couple of years ago, I received a lot of encouragement from veteran bloggers.

People who themselves had a following of hundreds and thousands followed my blog after the third or fourth post. They also took the trouble to leave meaningful comments. I could not believe that they had actually taken the time and effort to read my work and then comment about it.

 if I ever had a question, I could ask in their comments section or mine and would get a prompt answer. In fact, this continues to this day. There is so much that other bloggers have shared with me that it is difficult to put it all down, however, I will try:

Don’t bother with SEO.

The length of a post is not important, its quality is.

You don’t have to have a niche to be a good blogger.  

WordPress is far from ideal as a blogging platform but is pretty good.

Coming back to the second half of today’s question: should bloggers share their tips? Of course, they should. There is no certified course or degree for blogging and it is something you learn “hands-on”.

Your learning process becomes shorter and easier if someone guides you along the way. One form of this guidance are Blogging Courses, both paid and free. These are mostly e-mail courses and workshops. I believe their are “live” ones too but i have not come across anyThe paid ones offer a lot of assistance as well as advice. The free ones mainly offer knowledge.

Another way that people share tips and tricks is through Articles/Posts/Videos on Blogging. These abound on Pinterest and YouTube. You have to be very careful which ones you follow as they can give conflicting and sometimes incorrect advice. An example I can quote is a video I saw about using blogging images. The person in the video gave absolutely wrong information about filling the Alt-text box that pops up when you are adding an image to your post.

Like I said in the beginning, the most valuable tips and secrets that I have received is from Other Bloggers. The advice requested and handed out by interacting with other bloggers is the best way to learn the art of blogging.

Okay! That was my bit. Now I am really looking forward to reading YOUR answers. Please remember to tag your post

# blogginginsights,

and leave a link in my comments section too.




13 thoughts on “Blogging Insights # 17 — Sharing and Caring — Do bloggers share all their tips and should they?

  1. A good blogger reads, likes and comments on other bloggers’ posts. Otherwise they cannot expect others to do the same. When a blogger is content to just receive without giving, his or her following will dwindle. It is indeed a community.

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