The Elephant In the Room.

The salon was packed to the rafters. This was no surprise today, the beginning of the holiday season. Each new person who entered noticed a peculiar smell. Some attributed it to the lotions and potions being used for various treatments. Others thought it was simply the result of too many people in a closed room.

As time passed, the smell grew intense. No one wanted to mention the elephant in the room, least of all the salon manager. She felt that she would scare the waiting customers away if she drew attention to it.

Everyone suffered the odour in amicable silence until a woman entered with her five year old daughter. The little girl exclaimed loudly about the smell.

Once the topic had been broached, the salon manager acknowledged her mea culpa. She started looking behind and under furniture to locate the source of the odour.

Half an hour’s search revealed no spilled chemical or dead animal. The source of the stench was still being sought when one of the hair dryers started sparking. The assistant who ran to turn it off found that the power socket had overheated and melted. The noxious odour had been due to the heated plastic.


Written for:

3 TC :

salon, mystery, elephant.



Word of the day challenge;

Mea culpa

Opposites Attract Challenge #25

Today’s word: intense


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