FOWC with Fandango — House

Today’s prompt made me think of several stories and novels I have read that have the word “house” in their title. 1.The Doll’s House by Katherine Mansfield This is a story about schoolchildren on the surface. It is actually a social commentary that highlights class distinction and discrimonation.   2. Crooked House by Agatha Christie One of my favourite Christies, it portrays an eccentric family … Continue reading FOWC with Fandango — House

#FOTD- Flowers for Miss Helene

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Rest in peace dear Helene Death, A Sacred Mystery… Good evening everyone, I feel a sense of loss as I learned from bloggers, Fandango, WillowDot21, Idorun, Jordy, that Helene has passed away. She was such a beautiful spirit and author of What Do You See Weekly Challenge. I feel sad that I cannot even re-read all of her beautiful poems… Continue reading #FOTD- Flowers for Miss Helene

Ignore Them

If people are critical and judgmental Ignore them. If they are partisan and prejudiced, Ignore them. If they dissuade, discourage and dishearten, Ignore them. Just stay focused on your goal. Enclose yourself in a bubble of positive energy And keep on going. You will definitely get there whatever the odds ! Written for: Your Daily Word Prompt — 27th July 2019 — Ignore Continue reading Ignore Them

50 Word Thursday : The Illusionist

The illusionist is a master of his craft He can turn the most mundane things into fantastic images. Leaping flames, soaring waves, mountains and deserts He can make you think that you can see them That he is there in those exotic locales When really he is only on stage ! (Exactly 50 words) 50 Word Thursday # 30 Rules: Find the muse within the … Continue reading 50 Word Thursday : The Illusionist

Ways to make your own sunshine !!

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It don’t matter if it’s raining?Nothing can phase me?I make my own sunshine?And if you think you can break me?Baby you’re crazy?I make my own sunshine –Alyssa Bonagura,  “I Make My Own Sunshine” Here are few ways to make your own sunshine. 1)  Get up and move around or go out for a walk. Take the fresh air , look… Continue reading Ways to make your own sunshine !!