What’s the difference between constructive opinion and destructive critique?

Constructive opinion and destructive critique are as different from each other as chalk from cheese. While they are both essentially comments, the basic principle of  one is completely opposed to that of the other.

Constructive opinion is a positive idea. It has good intentions behind it. Its motive is improvement. It involves turning something mediocre into something good, and what is already good into something completely awesome.

Destructive opinion is as negative a concept as its name implies. Destructive criticism is made with ill intentions. It destroys confidence and has the potential to turn a good situation into a train wreck.

Constructive opinion goes a long way towards building a person’s confidence. It is the positive feedback that builds people and situations into something great.

Constructive opinion is always kindly worded, ” That is such a great dress ! Maybe you could wear it with a different belt;  it would look even nicer. “

Destructive critique wounds and maims, ” That dress is making you look so fat ! Have you gained some pounds? And that belt ; it makes your waist look so thick !”

Some people think they are being straight forward and honest when making less than kind remarks. What they forget is that they could be doing irreparable damage to someone’s confidence and self esteem. Honest opinions need not be worded unkindly, so let us take a moment to phrase our comments nicely .



Written for Question of the Day No. 387

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