Hummus is a dip that originated in middle eastern cuisine but has fitted seamlessly into western food culture. It is equally at home accompanying pita bread, nachos or crackers. Make it part of an informal dinner, buffet brunch or fancy dinner party and you have a nutritious yet appetising dish.

Boiled and mashed chick peas are the basic ingredient of hummus. Tahini paste, made with sesame seeds, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic make up the rest.

Ingredients of Hummus

It is customary to serve it drizzled with olive oil on top. A dusting of paprika, a scattering of pomegranate seeds, sliced olives or nuts take it to the next level.

It is traditionally eaten scooped up with pita bread or any other flat bread. However in this “carb conscious” era, vegetable crudites are a good accompaniment.

Hummus crudites

Hummus as a healthy snack is easily portable for office or picnics. All the ingredients are super healthy. If you take the time and trouble to make it over the weekend you can use it over the week as it keeps very well in the fridge.

Readymade canned varieties are available in all supermarkets. Health food stores also stock the organic, freshly prepared kind.

Chick peas, the main ingredient have several health benefits.

chick peas health benefits

Do add this Middle Eastern dish to your menu. For combining healthy, tasty and exotic you can’t do better.

Do you like hummus ? Do you buy it ready prepared ? Have you tried making it ?

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